Today’s reflection

The most revolutionary act that I can do for my lineage, for humanity, and for myself as I’m equally a part of it, is to find my sense of self-worth outside anything I’ve been taught gives me value such as my career, my status in society, my status in relationships, my achievements, or any goal that […]

Cannot help breaking up with you

I keep closing the door I keep breaking up with you Over and over, underscored Hoping you’ll finally breakthrough Hear me.   Going around creating a mess You’ll have to solve your shit first. Surviving to tell the story Climbing up from purgatory It’s time.   It is different now I live in my own […]

His grief

You showed me the light in your eyes And yet I could see through your pain But nothing has been in vain, We needed to grieve that goodbye    I helped. That’s what my nature does You didn’t pay me my money back You paid me in lessons instead   It is raining in my […]

Just Sit

Am I crying out of forgiveness Or over its sweetness? Am I crying out of grief Or over hope? Does it even matter at all? I’m just letting the river flow I guess I’m crying because I can trust again And I’ve been longing for this moment For so many years… Nothing else to do. […]

To God

I wrote this poem about a year ago. Today I want to honor the person I was, and celebrate the person I have become, by sharing it here. 🧿 To God Hello. I have a confession… I just want to come back to you. I feel like a fallen angel I don’t want to be […]

Stay ¨safe¨

Today, admiring the fluffy white clouds in the blue sky, I received the news that we are going soon into a more strict lockdown. Not that I didn’t care, but I turned my attention towards a sweet and cozy feeling that came along with this reflection: Primordial safety comes from your faith and trust. It […]

From pain to poetry

Do not blame the child inside of you. Every time that you do, you are doing exactly what society did to you: victim-blaming, abuse, taking advantage of the most vulnerable one. Every time that you judge the voice of your inner child you are following the path of shame instead of the path of compassion, […]

Moon Child

I am blood and sky. Heaven and Earth I come from the stars I have no beginning and no end The moon lives on my forehead Where I’m indigo and deep blue. Profound. And so are you I dive into the mystery to find the gems. In the darkness, God appears on her own terms […]


It was late at night and I was driving my bike on the road with members of my community. We were on a mission. It had something to do to abolish the old system, and to create something completely new. The circumstances were rough, and we were driving in some sort of dessert or savanna. […]

Love over fear

This is a reminder, basically for me. But friends around had told me they found it useful. So here we go… To make a decision, you need to ask yourself: 1. Is this thought-decision-action coming from love or fear? Always choose love, no matter how ‘uncomfortable’ it may feel to breakthrough it. Know that you […]