Cannot help breaking up with you

I keep closing the door I keep breaking up with you Over and over, underscored Hoping you’ll finally breakthrough Hear me.   Going around creating a mess You’ll have to solve your shit first. Surviving to tell the story Climbing up from purgatory It’s time.   It is different now I live in my own […]

His grief

You showed me the light in your eyes And yet I could see through your pain But nothing has been in vain, We needed to grieve that goodbye    I helped. That’s what my nature does You didn’t pay me my money back You paid me in lessons instead   It is raining in my […]

Just Sit

Am I crying out of forgiveness Or over its sweetness? Am I crying out of grief Or over hope? Does it even matter at all? I’m just letting the river flow I guess I’m crying because I can trust again And I’ve been longing for this moment For so many years… Nothing else to do. […]

To God

I wrote this poem about a year ago. Today I want to honor the person I was, and celebrate the person I have become, by sharing it here. 🧿 To God Hello. I have a confession… I just want to come back to you. I feel like a fallen angel I don’t want to be […]

Moon Child

I am blood and sky. Heaven and Earth I come from the stars I have no beginning and no end The moon lives on my forehead Where I’m indigo and deep blue. Profound. And so are you I dive into the mystery to find the gems. In the darkness, God appears on her own terms […]

Ode to my loneliness

Facing the mirror once again
Trying not to rebel but unveil myself
I see the stars shining in my eyes
Praying to not suffer again for a goodbye