I am Valentina

filmmaker, dancer, photographer, writer, artist

Art & Photography

¨Creativity is God’s gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God¨  – Julia Cameron

Art can take many forms. I especially enjoy making films because I can integrate different expressions that I love in one single piece of art, charged with intensity, symbols and meaning through storytelling.

I believe creativity requires faith, to relinquish control and to surrender to a source that want to express something through you. In that way, my main job is to allow that force to flow, giving it the most honest expression and outcome that I can at present moment.

I am a thirty-year-old Chilean filmmaker and dancer, citizen of Auroville International Community in Tamil Nadu, India. I graduated from Film Direction and Social Communication at Universidad Católica de Chile in 2014. Since then, I’ve been working as a writer, director and film editor. I also worked as a producer and assistant director in fiction pieces, as a producer in an international film festival and as a cinema teacher in  my university, before I traveled part of the world and joined Auroville. From 2018 until beginning of 2020 I worked as a video maker, photographer and writer for different media units. Recently, after a period in lockdown, I have started my own film production house, Ineffable Films.

I’m currently working on my next project, I am The Lotus, which will be the second part of 23.

Ineffable Films

Inner-Fables to open the heart

Ineffable means something that causes so much emotion and intense sensations that it cannot be described in words. It is how I named my film start up activity, as the aim of my film creations is exactly to reach that sacred feeling, the one that exists beyond what the intellect can grasp. Ineffable aspires to offer films as potential windows to touch a place of inner  knowingness, held not in the mind but inside the heart…

Ineffable will develop, grow and share a feminine way and approach to film making. The goals are not to be big and successful in an old fashion way, to focus on profit and exponential business growth, or to be part of the mainstream industry derived from patriarchal heritage and mindset. Our new concept of success is inner peace, coherence, and creative pleasure.
We don’t look our creations as simple products. We give birth to projects and nourish them as a mother will do with her children. We embrace each child as a journey of creativity and as an opportunity of awakening. We choose to work in inner alignment, tuning with the feminine rhythms of creation, rather than submitting our power to outside forces. We believe in self sovereignty and integrity.

Ineffable belongs to the world in the same way that Auroville does, and it’s inspired by The Auroville Dream and Charter. It is also motivated by Mirra Alfassa’s idea that art should be a vehicle to reach the psychic being (or psychic body), which is emanated from the energy of the heart, and it’s in direct communication with the divine realms.


Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 23min
Year of production: 2015

 23 is a first-person documentary that I made to clarify one essential issue of my upbringing: the reason why I was raised by my grandparents instead of my own parents.

I Am The Lotus

Genre: Feature Length Documentary
Year of production: Current work in Progress

The second part of 23 after seven years. The story of how after getting married and moving to a spiritual community in India, I ended up not only breaking through a painful divorce but also into a self-healing journey, forgave the past and reached the father I didn’t contact in years.

Dance & Music

Dance is one of my main spiritual and creative practices. I dance daily, as it is the most natural and pleasurable way for me to listen to my body, release stuck energy and emotions, and express the stories that are coming from within. I’m interested in different styles such as belly dance, fusion, contemporary, contact,  and 5 rhythms dance-therapy

I also enjoy putting music together on playlists. Borrowing inspiration from 5 rhythms dance waves, I try to convey an emotional/physical catharsis through the journey of my playlists. The key is to use the music to get deep into the experience of just feeling, and to allow any inner movement to manifest outside with no judgment whatsoever.


I like to say the truth, and I like to say it in a beautiful way


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